Learn more about us. We are a father and son team. In early 2018 (6 months after I moved to Florida) Sam convinced me to re-enter the real estate business (I was a realtor in NY from 2004-2016). We decided to team up professionally and it’s been a great professional as well as family experience. What’s better than a father/son business lunch that’s tax deductible? All kidding aside, the working relationship is great because of the core values of honesty, integrity and hard work are shared. The relationship is further enhanced by different individual perspectives as well as different individual strengths. We also bring to our customers the dual perspective of being both buyers and sellers of homes, before and after joining the real estate profession.

What is different about us is that we look at your sale or purchase through your eyes while using our professional knowledge to guide you through a smooth beneficial transaction. We charge less to sell your home and give rebates toward closing costs to our buyers (minimum $150,000 sale). All this along with our shared core values translate to a great customer experience.

You will benefit and enjoy having us working for you.

Written by Wayne Unger (Dad)

Wayne Unger – SL3403137

Sam Unger – SL3349109

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