Are Realtors Overrated?

December 1, 2019by Wayne Unger0

We live in a world of on demand, everything at your fingertips, an information overload kind of world. We can shop online, go to school online, and even find a mate online (buyer beware). There are thousands (yes….thousands) of real estate websites (including ours) that allow you to search for homes, look at pictures, and see information about the home and community. Does that make you ask yourself “Are Realtors Overrated?” Not quite, and I’ll tell you why.

Despite the misconceptions, realtors have to work hard at their craft to be successful. It’s not a part-time gig. Any successful realtor is working full time (usually more than full time) to hone their skills, keep up to date with the market, buyer and seller wants and needs, and updates in rules, regulations and laws pertaining to our business. Buying a house is most likely the biggest investment you will make in your life. Websites are great, but a realtor actually guides you through the process, navigates rough waters (things can get bumpy!), and makes sure you have the least stressful experience that you possibly can. Real estate websites can’t replace those things. I mean, would you just use to diagnose an illness? You would probably go to a doctor. Real estate isn’t quite that much of a life or death situation, but making the wrong purchase can cripple you financially. Why not have an expert in your corner. As a buyer it doesn’t cost you a dime to use a realtor.

The number one reason to use a realtor is MONEY. If you are selling your home, using a realtor will make you more money. On average, a home that is sold by a realtor sells for 30% more than a home that is sold by the owner of the property. A 30% increase is well worth any commission that is paid to your realtor. If you are buying a home, using a realtor does not cost you anything. In fact, if you use our company, we actually contribute a minimum of $500 towards the buyers closing costs. Besides that, we are there to help you in negotiations, inspections and everything else involving the home buying or selling process. Remember, the realtor at an open house or new construction community has the SELLERS best interest in mind, not yours. You are best served to bring us along.

At the end of the day, hiring an expert for such an important transaction is the way to go. The time, stress and money that it saves makes it a no brainer. So, are realtors overrated? I would say absolutely not.

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